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1) How much do decorated sugar cookies cost? 

Decorated sugar cookies are $4/cookie. The cookies are typically around 3-4" in size, and the price includes basic packaging. I ask for a minimum of 12 with all orders of decorated sugar cookies ($48). 

2) Are cookies individually wrapped?

Yes! All cookies are individually wrapped at no extra cost. If you would like unique packaging for your event, please let me know. Special packaging ranges from $0.25 - $0.50 extra per cookie. 

3) Do you deliver? 

Cookies can be delivered  for a fee depending on where they need to go. Delivery anywhere within a 5-mile radius from Glencoe, IL is $10. If your delivery is between 5-10 miles away, delivery is available for $15. Delivery between 10-20 miles is $20. 

4) Do you ship? 

No, however, I am happy to provide cookies to you that are packaged for shipping. 

5) What is an explosion cake? How much do they cost? 

An explosion cake is a 4-layer cake filled with candy and/or sprinkles on the inside of the cake. It creates a really fun surprise when the cake is cut open!  A 6" explosion cake is $45 (feeds 8+) and an 8" is $55 (feeds 15-20).


6) What size cookie cakes do you offer? How much do they cost? 

Cookie cakes are available as a 9" round ($25) or a 12" round ($35). The 9" serves about 8 people and the 12" serves around 15. Cookie cakes come in chocolate chip, chocolate chip M&M, classic sugar cookie, or confetti cookie

7) What is a cookie dough cake? How much does it cost?

A cookie dough cake is a 3-layer cake with cookie dough and buttercream between each layer. It has a chocolate ganache drip, cookie dough balls, and swirls of buttercream as decoration around the top border of the cake. The entire cake is covered in bright rainbow jimmies. A 6" round cake is $55 (feeds 10+) and an 8" round is $70 (feeds 20-25). 

8) What flavors do cake jars come in? How much do they cost? How big are they?

Cake jars are available in basic flavors - chocolate, vanilla or confetti cake with vanilla or chocolate buttercream - for $6 per jar. There is a minimum order of 6 jars.

They are also available in other flavors, including Oreo, cookie dough, strawberry shortcake and red velvet with cream cheese frosting. These flavors are $8 per jar with a minimum order of 6 jars. 

Each cake jar has two layers of cake with frosting, sprinkles and other fillings between each layer. 

9) How do I pay you? 

I can be paid via Venmo at Wendy-Silverman-3 or Quickpay at 773.968.3624. Otherwise, cash or check are also fine. 

10) Where do I pick up my order? 

All orders can be picked up at 1099 Skokie Ridge Drive. If you have let me know what time you'll be picking up your order I will have it outside waiting for you. 

11) Are you insured?  

Yes! Peace.Love.Cookies., LLC is insured. If you require a certificate of insurance for your event venue, please let me know. 

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